About Us

Skycanvas operates at a unique crossroads of architecture and IT business model development

With the pace of change and demand for adoption, sometimes you need twice the horsepower. That is, the strategy and organizational design strength of a change management firm united with the surgical precision of a technical subject matter expert. Skycanvas gives you both at once. It’s what makes our approach different, unique and more effective.

Skycanvas has evolved into a new type of consultancy. We synthesize the best of today’s technical architecture and business model design with innovative change leadership practices.

Our unique lifecycle approach blends breakthrough ways to clarify strategy, accelerate adoption and improve the value of IT investments.

Our Heritage

The foundation of our consulting services is the Virtualization Oriented Architecture (VOA.) The VOA was developed in 2006 as a result of our experience implementing virtualization technologies on thousands of Entisys engagements. This real world experience revealed issues with IT processes, operational structures and information architectures that disrupted the adoption of virtualization technologies. We found that certain issues applied to all market and environment size scenarios, i.e. VM sprawl, forecasting host salability as well as defining architecture and processes. The VOA methodology was designed to address these issues and ensure that our customers realized the cost savings and value they expected from their virtualization investment.

While experiencing success working with clients to define a holistic virtualization strategy, we began noticing a new set of challenges. When engaging at the departmental level inside IT organizations, we observed recurring issues transitioning from the assessment, to the technical proof of concepts and on to full production implementation. In situations where we did not engage the CIO as our executive sponsor, we found that linkages to executive priorities and business needs prevented the executive buy-in needed to drive adoption. Technical decisions were being made at the departmental level without critical business context. Datacenter technologist struggled with the business justification needed to articulate value in the language of the CIO. Technical proof of concepts, architectures and strategy guides were great, but from the CIO perspective these investments failed to clearly line up with the priorities of the business.

This began our journey to expand and productize our original offering to address the core challenges facing IT decision makers exploring cloud & virtualization technologies. Our objective was to create a vendor agnostic consulting approach that utilized business realities and organizational context as the primary driver of technical decisions. The departure from a vendor driven sales and engineering approach drove the formation of Skycanvas. Cloud & virtualization based consulting is the only thing we do. Our consulting services drive enterprise maturity through cloud operating models and virtualization technologies. We deliver IT “Right-Spend” with measurable improvements to infrastructure capacity and reduction of physical space.