Stop Technical Debt,
Start "Right" Investing

Shadow IT

Technology Silo's

Under Utilized Licensing

Unplanned Spending

Frequent Project Delivery Delays"

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Technical Decisions Are Important & Secondary

We believe business realities and customer experience needs drive IT operational requirements first, infrastructure options second.

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Operating Model,
Then Architecture

All IT organizations started as a reaction to early stage business demands. As small companies grew, more budget was allocated in response to new capacity needs. Technical silo's developed around IT functions first, then geographic boundaries. The remnants of this tech-centric culture created many of the challenges our clients face today.

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Simplify the Change

Digital change continues to accelerate. The value of technology investments are being eaten away by the lack of time IT organizations have to adopt these changes. Our goal is to simplify change with techniques used by succesful start-ups, resulting in IT "Right Spending" and measurable improvements to the value of IT investments.

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Stop Technical Debt,
Start "Right Investing"

Most organizations still spend almost two-thirds of their IT investments on non-differentiating capabilities, calling into question the benefits of IT-enabled investments. To improve IT's impact on business performance, IT executives must break the dangerous cycle of incurring technical debt, and take a new "Right Investment" approach.

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